Felicia has been a Certified Doula through DONA International since 1998.
In June of 2006 she became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

In January of 2000 Felicia was trained by the City of Berkeley as a Lactation Counselor to work with participants in the WIC program and encourage successful breastfeeding. She is also trained as a Newborn Massage Instructor from Baby’s First Massage.

Felicia has assisted over 1000 families during their labors and births and continues to make a difference for women at their births on a weekly basis. She has had the honor of serving as doula for several couples up to three times! She has successfully built strong professional alliances with many care providers and nurses at local hospitals.

Her most recent accomplishment is the DVD compilation
Working Women in Labor and In the Doula Spirit - two years in the making.
Woven together with beautiful music, captivating photography and insightful interviews with couples and birthing leaders, the videos artfully illustrate the positive role that doulas play in birth.

Felicia has been offering DONA Approved Doula Trainings since 2002 and has trained hundreds of women in this time. Women travel from all over the world to attend her trainings.

She served as the DONA Northern California Representative for 7 years, only recently retiring to pursue other positions.

She is very involved in many aspects of building a doula community locally and is active
on a national level as well.

She is the founder of Working Woman Productions and has created the much acclaimed Doula Client Contact Files (a file system for doulas to better organize and chart client information)

In 2004, the Learning Annex in San Francisco contracted Felicia to teach a course titled "How to Start a Career as a Birth Doula." The course was so successful that in the spring of 2005 Felicia presented the same topic for the Learning Annex in Sacramento.

In the fall of 2004, Felicia, along with a group of equally dedicated and diverse professionals, was called to found the non-profit organization, Bay Area Birth Association whose mission is to be a much needed resource for the local birth community and birthing women/families.

She previously served as the executive director and publications coordinator for Birthways, a non-profit childbirth and pregnancy resources and referral center in the Bay Area.

Before finding her calling as a doula Felicia served for many years as a rape crisis counselor, joining women in trauma and guiding them through a heightened and volatile process. She was also a sex educator and lifeskills coach for Planned Parenthood, working with inner-city school kids.