Hi Felicia,
Thank you again for such an incredible and inspiring weekend. I was blown away by your ability to support everyone's needs and answer each question with such purpose. Your responses were the best responses I could have possibly imagined. You really are a role model. This weekend had a huge impact on me, and I'm excited to launch myself into the birthing world!
Thank you again for being the incredible woman you are. You fostered such a loving community this weekend, and I look forward to supporting expectant mamas in my near future.
D. January 2016

Dear Felicia, thank you so much for being the warm wonderful and caring woman that you are! This weekend workshop has been unforgettable. I learned so much and I am so happy that you were my instructor. You have made me feel so empowered in my abilities and in myself. I really have come to realize that I look up to you and admire you so very much. Your confidence and warmth inspire me to be the best doula I can possibly be! Thank you for all of your hard work that you've put into this workshop. I really felt that this weekend offered me a safe place to grown, learn and interact with such amazing women like yourself! Thank you for giving me the confidence I need to go out there and start attending births and really making a difference. Love, Alexandra Oct. 2014

Dear Felicia, I just wanted to offer a very belated and persona. thank you. I learned so much from your class and I really mean it when I say that I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to occupy the role you played as my teacher...seriously, you are amazing! The experiences, ideas, techniques and even attitudes that I learned to practice in your class are invaluable skills that are applicable to so many facets of my life! Seriously, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you hve given me. If there is anything I can do to repay you I am just a message away. I wish you nothing but love and success in all your future birthing endeavors. Lots of love and many many thanks. Carmen June 2014

Dear Felicia, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful insights you shared with our group this weekend and for opening up your beautiful home to us. I really appreciate how much you believe in birth and how much the women and families you help. It showed through your words and actions this weekend. I was especially touched everytime you mentioned h ow birth has been good to you in you lifetime. I hope that I get the opportunity to be as blassed as you have been by birth. I could not have imagined a more accepting adn joyous doula workshop. Thank you for being your funky not 'hippy dippy' self.
S.A. January 2013

Dear Felicia, I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to complete the doula workshop in your home. Ilearned so much from you and feel very positive about my future path towards becoming a doula. You are such a fantastic person and I feel so lucky to have met you.
O.C. October 2012

Felicia, one of my favorite things about the weekend was you, and I'm sure everyone else would agree. I love your strength and how sassy you are! I love that you are a woman and you own it, you know you are fabulous and have no reason to hide it. It was also apparent though that you are humble, and oh so nurturing. I'm sure you have made your mom indescribably proud!
L.A. October 2012

The class was more than just a class. It really was like a retreat. It was very therapeutic and was a wonderful and exciting experience.
A. L. October 2010

Hi Felicia...
THANK YOU so much - I had such a wonderful experience at the training, it gave me a new lease on helping others. I so loved all of the interaction with the other women, learning - sharing - and holding space (which I now use in my own meet-ups). It has changed me in so many positive ways... that a simple, "thanks" doesn't cover it. I think most of all it solidified what my work is. For the last few years I have struggled with a way to explain, but now I have it....
Support * Educate * Empower
in other words.... helping others to help themselves. I am here to truly "SEE" others. These are the common threads in everything I do everyday. I truly hope that you will call upon me one day to share a birth experience with you, you are a wonderful strong woman who has so much to share and to teach, and I feel truly blessed to be one of your students.
L.A. Oct '09

What a weekend I had! I couldn't sleep last night, even as tired as I
was, just so energized, excited, and whole. Your line of work and
enthusiasm for it, not to mention gracious way you trained us all in
the arts, sets the bar high for my own delivery of care. Thank you! I
didn't know that this COULD exist in a hospital. Thank you again for growing this community with your training and truly being the CARE that people deserve and need, Felicia.
C.M.R. April '09

I completed a birth doula training with you October 6th and 7th of 2007 (I
had pink hair, and I am a student at UC Davis)! I still have some great
memories from that weekend, and lots of knowledge to share and apply to my
education. Thank you so much for allowing me to join you that weekend! It
was honestly something I will treasure and never forget.
I wanted to write to you because I attended my second birth
The positive energy and strength of all of (these) women was so powerful! I
was able to practice so much that I learned at the training with you. I really want to thank you so much for all your wisdom. You are such a
wonderful role model for women! Thank you for sharing you strength and your
heart. S.T. May '08

Thank you Felicia for the deep and heart-full, and at the same time playfull and light space you create in your class. Your teaching is clear and direct with a great combo of wisdom and practical information. You walk your talk and you model how to be a great doula in how you teach, how you respond to your students and in what you share about your life. You inspire me to go back to my work and projects with renewed energy and a desire to share my gifts and passions as generously as you share yours
Monnie Reba March '08
(nurse of 25 years and doula program coordinator @ SF hospital)

During this weekend I met so many amazing women and I stepped out of my comfort zone to grow and felt completely supported!
M.P. April '06

Felicia, your life does indeed sing ina melody bright and clear, healing and free. Thank you for sharing that song and giving freedom to women to find their voice. I am honored to carry the 'notes' of your 'song' into my own.
N.D. April '06

Dear Felicia, doula work has definitely picked up and that's largely due to your referrals and the confidence boost I got after taking your training. What I learned there was invaluable. I would recommend this workshop to the most experienced doula and the freshest women interested in birth without experience.
J.K. January '06 (had already taken a different doula training in '04)

Thank you so much to both of you for holding such beautiful space for us to all blossom into our doula work. I feel that I learned so much information that will really help me have the confidence to start my practice. More importantly I felt truly nutured and loved and listened to through the weekend. I so enjoyed being with this powerful group of women. You are both really amazing women and together you really balance and shine.
M. D. January '06

Felicia, I am overwhelmed by the richness of this weekend and the kindled warmth in my body. Thanks again for facilitating, organizing, mobilizing and revolutionizing. I will always remember you. You are a wonderful teacher and I am soooooo honoured. I can only hope to see you again.
- H.T. Oct. ’05

This weekend was highly impacting, very moving, interesting, inspiring. I look forward very much to advancing my experience and knowledge of this lifestyle and to joining such an important movement.
- J.B. Oct. ’05

Everything was exceptionally wonderful!! I loved each of your ways of expressing yourselves and connecting us all to each other and the doula mission. Thank you from every breath of me.
- J.T. June ’05

Felicia, your reputation precedes you. I've joined a doula group and have begun to accrue a doula pool. Anyone who asks where I did my training is immediately caught with a rush of air and exclaims "Oh, Felicia is incredible!" I felt honored at the time, during that weekend, and it's only increased since. So, I send my thanks which still spirals into more and farther reaching thanks.
- M. W. Nov. ‘04

Thank you!!! I learned so much about childbirth, women in labor and myself. You guys did an incredible job. I am so happy I had your instruction.

- C. M July ’04

Felicia & Nicki work beautifully together. They opened my mind, my heart, my belly, my thoughts and my birth experience. I’m ready for the next steps, whatever they may be.
- P.G. May ’04

Highlights for me were the amazing atmosphere you created – a nurturing, loving space in which you facilitated true learning, sharing, and profound growth. Thank you!
- D. E. May ’04

Felicia is professional, stays on track, and demonstrates respect for all involved in birth. She brings heart to this work and to the women she trains. She is intelligent, strong caring and gentle. Few people can bring together the range of talents in such a gracious way.
- P.B. Jan 04


This was the most transformative, loving, amazing workshop I've ever attended. Your openness and welcoming helped me to immediately be comfortable & willing to put my all into learning & experiencing everything that came my way.
- B.F. Jan 04

Felicia's knowledge, experience and dedication to all aspects of birth is so inspirational yet it is her heart, passion and totality of being that moved me to my core. Thank you Felicia for your love, wisdom and passion for birth, life & the woman.
- N.B. Jan 03

Felicia is approachable, warm caring and passionate! All of this made the weekend incredibly enjoyable, moving and educational. She is the doula I hope to become.
- E.T. Jan 03

Inspiring, informative, really interactive, great to hear stories of such experienced women, outstanding, empowering
- M.S.G. July 02

Thank you so much! I felt very comfortable - you treated all of us, our various styles and questions with respect. You have a gift for teaching through modeling appropriate birth behavior
- S.B. July 02