Backup Doulas

I work with a small team of like-minded women who are highly trained and experienced and match my philosophy and style, all were personally trained by me. I wholeheartedly trust and respect this group of carefully selected and amazing women. You’re guaranteed an experienced professional and wonderful doula.


Working Woman Doula Collective

In the off-chance that I am unable to attend your birth (an unfortunate doula reality) I choose my back-up doulas carefully. I do guarantee you that I will be there if at all possible. Because of my experience and reputation it is important you are getting a backup doula who is highly skilled and of the highest ethical and professional caliber.

We offer periodic “Meet and Greets”,  a chance for you to meet and connect with these amazing women.

Meet and Greets

Dates for 2020:
January 11
March 14
May 9

1101 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109

Cafeteria: head to the back of the cafeteria towards the windows that look over Van Ness … to the back far right hand corner of the cafeteria

9-10 am

**The meet and greets are for our existing clients only.

You will receive an email reminder the week of the meet/greet. Please check your email the day of the meet/greet as sometimes due to births the meeting has to be rescheduled.

Because of the uncertainty of our birthing schedules there is a possibility that either myself or one of the other doulas will not be able to attend, but we still encourage you to come and meet the other doulas and make the connections. If you don’t see me, look for a group of women chatting!

Backup Doulas

Postpartum Doulas

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