Birth Coaching


Why a birth coach?

It has been a dream of mine for quite a while to offer non-doula clients “birth coaching” sessions.
Like life coaching but for birth!

It’s not hard to understand that we will not be able to safely gather in childbirth classes any time soon.
But…good news! The BABE class is now available online! It’s still Evidence Based, affirming and up to date on the current hospital policies in today’s uncertain Covid-19 culture.

In the last few weeks the birthing culture has changed, morphed, changed again and is only just starting to find it’s groove. Now is the time, more than ever, to go into the hospital as well prepared as you can possibly be.

My doula clients have consistently reported that the preparation meetings we did before birth greatly impacted their labor in a positive way. When we recently had to quickly pivot to virtual meetings and support, my clients still felt a huge advantage in their confidence and preparation for birth, the time leading up to and ultimately their time in the hospital.

I have put together great sessions with current hospital policies/considerations, preparation, packing suggestions, resources (via a google drive), videos, Amazon shopping list, printouts and so much more. But one of the most important factors and benefits is having the virtual coaching and listening / validating fears and anxieties (and there are many!)

I’m here to help you figure what is most possible in your birth, your body and your desires. You won’t ever ‘not know’.

The Package

Your package includes:
  • Access to the online BABE Childbirth Preparation class (a $250 value) for up to 3 weeks past your due date.
  • Two one hour Birth Coaching Zoom meetings at your convenience where we discuss and prepare you for:
    • Hospital policies and culture
    • Ways to prepare yourself for safe time at home in the absence of frequent prenatal doctor visits
    • Laboring at home as long as possible (if that’s what you prefer)
    • Tips for getting to the hospital safely
    • Packing for hospital
    • Creating an effective birth plan (I will edit it for you)
    • Comfort measures / Breathing coaching
    • Effective communication strategies with hospital staff
    • Creating a calm environment in your labor room
    • Work through the fears, anxieties or questions you want to discuss or work through
    • Ongoing communication as you prepare for birth

Even though we don’t know how your labor will unfold … You’ve got this!

Felicia Roche, Birth Coach

The Cost

Please email me at for pricing and to start the conversation.