I’ve had the honor of attending over 1100 births in my fantastic career. I can assure you, it NEVER stops being a miracle!

Felicia was the perfect addition to our birth team. We decided early on that we wanted to have a doula to help advocate for the kind of birth we wanted. When we were introduced to Felicia she was so calm and reassuring, she talked us through her thoughts and approach to birth. What stood out the most in that initial conversation was that she wasn’t going to be judgemental about any of the decisions that we made, she just wanted us to feel confident in the ones that we were making. As we started to get closer to the due date, she became more involved in our lives, talking us through what to pack for the hospital (lots of snacks!) and what an induction looks like. Due to new covid restrictions, it looked like she wasn’t going to be able to be there for the birth, but about 24 hours into the induction, she was able to talk her way in and she got there just in time for the pushing stage of labor. We were so grateful she was able to be there, what we thought would be easy and straightforward, ended up being much longer than expected due to the position of the baby. Felicia was so patient and partnered so well with the nurse, introducing new positions for pushing. My husband and I are certain the birth would not have gone nearly as smoothly without Felicia in the room, supporting us through it all. She stayed with us once the baby arrived and got us settled, made sure that we had some food in our stomachs. She went above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

JD, September 2021

Having Felicia as a birth doula was a game changer for us. From preparation to delivery, we felt supported and safe in her experienced hands. Felicia knew our hospital and providers well, so she was able to help us prep in a very concrete way. The day of delivery, she brought a strong sense of calm and confidence in the room, which we strongly appreciated as first time parents! Felicia also helped us postpartum for a few nights. Our baby was safe and happy in her care, which allowed us to recover from birth and catch up on some sleep. Overall, we wholeheartedly recommend Felicia.

C & O and baby A, September 2021

I am so grateful for all your support. I had never imagined I could do this with such a long labor. But even with a backup doula your constant support on the phone and valuable insights gave me a path to make it through. I really wish we could meet in person some day! Pam was wonderful. Thanks for picking such good backup support.

G.S., June 2021

Dear Felicia, This is just a small note to capture the immense gratitude and appreciation I feel towards you! From our first phone conversation, you put me at ease with your gentle manner. And your warmth makes you feel like family! Perhaps most importantly, you gave me trust in myself, my body’s ability to birth naturally, my own intuition to navigate decision-making, my common sense to determine what is ‘right’ for me. Your gentle guidance through a long labor made me feel peaceful the entire time! I never wavered in my faith that it was all happening as it should. I also deeply appreciate your BABE class, Wow! Your time and talent transcend your fees.

R., June 2017

Dear Felicia, we cannot thank you enough for all your dedication and support in bringing baby R. safely into this world! The birth was an absolute success! We feel so very lucky to have partnered with you on this memorable journey. Until baby #2!

K. & M., August 2016

Dear Felicia, Thank you so much for being our doula for O’s birth. All your support and calm presence made me feel at ease. I know that you are the reason I was able to have a natural birth. I can’t even articulate how special that whole birth experience was and I’m so grateful that you were there. It’s something that M. my mom and I will never forget. You are truly an amazing doula and woman. I’m so glad that we met and shared such a powerful, beautiful birth together. I knew that giving birth could be a positive experience and now I know first hand how magical it really is – thanks to you.

K.M.O., November 2015

Felicia, a year ago tonight you caught Molly!! Thanks! Nice job. We walked thru the whole thing tonight. The crazy rain. Our quick arrival. Your perfectly timed arrival. I told Galen: I stared at your teeth in the final minutes. You kept me on task because “we had worked together before.” My anchor. But your teeth. And don’t push. You’re nuts. But your teeth. And sorry I can’t stop because I’m having a baby. But your teeth. Doc or no doc, here comes baby. Anyone wanna catch for me?  Felicia to the rescue!!! You will forever be woven into our girls’ life stories. I love it. I can’t imagine their beginnings without you by my side.

Big hugs on this anniversary of the greatest catch.

Brynn and fam 3/15

Dear Felicia, I honestly feel my labor experience would have been so different if it weren’t for you. You were so integral to the whole process. Although the hospital staff were well trained I didn’t feel much connection and warmth from them. I’m convinced that having guidance from one person who you trust completely is key to a positive labor. Having gone through the process I now understand the importance of this kind of psychological support and encouragement which you gave so meaningfully. Your physical assistance was amazing too and I really felt that you put your mind, body and