Doula Workshops

Guiding the people who guide the people in transformation and birth

A cross between a retreat and a doula training, we provide much more than curriculum requirements. You’ll emerge from this powerful workshop encouraged and supported, feeling satisfied and altered from your experience. Just as giving birth creates a lasting, life-long memory, so should your doula training.


Birth Doula Workshop

*New Hybrid Format = 2 days virtual and 1 day in person

The training consists of three days spanning two consecutive weekends:

  1. The first Saturday is the Introduction to Childbirth portion which is required to participate in the remaining doula training part of the workshop and also required for DONA certification*. We also have a soft start to the doula workshop covering some basic topics.

The Doula Training portion of the workshop days are the following Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Saturday of the doula training is virtual as we cover the ethical and business side of being a doula.
  2. Sunday is live and in person and hands on! Learning the art and craft that doulas excel in and are so passionate about, tried and true tricks of the trade and comfort measures 101.

Your registration fee includes BOTH parts of the training, Introduction to Childbirth and the Doula Training.

*You are required to take the Introduction to Childbirth portion unless you are a midwife, a practicing labor and delivery nurse or a certified childbirth educator. You must contact Felicia at to get prior approval to bypass this requirement and take only the doula training portion of the weekend.

DONA birth doula trainer
DONA birth doula workshop


All doula trainings are unique and valuable in their own way.

What makes Felicia’s stand out?

Decades of experience in birth and adult education while also supporting varied birthing people and families – over 1700 births!
She is confident that through her work as a very active practicing doula, a DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer, Lamaze Educator and overall women’s advocate she has helped shape the current culture of birth and is helping to establish change and reparation in all things related to birth and BIPOC injustices.

During the Birth Doula Workshop we will cover many topics including:

  • Birth: Not just another day in a birthing person’s life
  • Emotional support in the first and second stages of labor
  • Communication Skills
  • Working with hospital staff and care providers
  • What do we mean by advocacy
  • Guest speakers can include: Doulas, midwives, couples that have recently birthed with a doula, volunteer coordinators from doula programs and much more
  • Doula business skills
  • DONA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
  • DONA Certification Process and Requirements
  • How to set up and market your doula practice
  • How to interview with a potential client
  • How to conduct a client prenatal visit
  • What happens in a postpartum visit
  • How to find birth clients, network with other birth workers, resources for your clients, doula education and products
  • How to physically and emotionally c