Doula Workshops

Guiding the women who guide women in transformation and birth

A cross between a woman’s retreat and a doula training, we provide much more than curriculum requirements. You’ll emerge from this powerful weekend encouraged and supported, feeling satisfied and altered from your experience. Just as giving birth creates a lasting, life-long memory, so should your doula training.


Birth Doula Workshop

The training consists of three days of workshopping over one weekend and is broken into two parts:

  1. Friday is the Introduction to Childbirth portion which is required to participate in the remaining doula training part of the workshop and also required for DONA certification*.
  2. The Doula Training portion of the workshop days are Saturday and Sunday.

Your registration fee includes BOTH parts of the training, Introduction to Childbirth and the Doula Training.

*You are required to take the Introduction to Childbirth portion unless you are a midwife, a practicing labor and delivery nurse or a certified childbirth educator. You must contact Felicia at to get prior approval to bypass this requirement and take only the doula training portion of the weekend.


We guarantee there is no other doula training like ours. A weekend immersed in aromatherapy, music, pillows, food. A true woman centered, safe place to explore, expand, share, cry, laugh, observe, give, take, eat, drink and be yourself!

During the Birth Doula Workshop we will cover many topics including:

  • Birth: Not just another day in a woman’s life
  • Emotional support in the first and second stages of labor
  • Communication Skills
  • Working with hospital staff and care providers
  • What do we mean by advocacy
  • Guest speakers can include: Doulas, midwives, couples that have recently birthed with a doula, volunteer coordinators from doula programs and much more
  • Doula business skills
  • DONA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
  • DONA Certification Process and Requirements
  • How to set up and market your doula practice
  • How to interview with a potential client
  • How to conduct a client prenatal visit
  • What happens in a postpartum visit
  • How to find birth clients, network with other birth workers, resources for your clients, doula education and products
  • How to physically and emotionally comfort and support a woman in labor
  • Tried and True Tricks of the Trade
  • Role Play: contractions, breathing techniques, massage techniques, comfort measures, positions to rotate a baby, and much more
  • The 3 R’s – Rhythm, Relaxation and Ritual
  • What’s in a birth bag
  • Working with Cesarean and VBAC
  • Understanding the Newborn
  • How to help a new mother get the baby on the breast and so much more!

One of the most important elements of the weekend does not come from a manual or research study. It is the quality time we spend connecting as a group and with individuals. Together we create the intimate, safe, women centered space that most replicates the birth space. You will understand and practice what it means to “hold space’ for another woman and how to find that place in yourself that honors the strength, courage and beauty of transformation.


Required reading for this course:

The Birth Partner, 5th edition
by Penny Simkin

A note about childbirth preparation courses:

DONA requires for certification that you attend a childbirth preparation series (not as an expectant parent) for a total of 12 hours. The Introduction to Childbirth portion of the doula training weekend on Friday also allows you to meet this requirement. Although you are not required to take a childbirth prep class with other couples, I encourage you to do so (AFTER your doula training) for the following reasons:

  1. I believe that it is important for you to attend a public course to hear what the couples in your community are learning.
  2. By attending a public class you have the opportunity to network with the childbirth educator who may give you referrals to clients.
  3. The public class you attend is a great way to reach your first birth clients.

Introduction to Childbirth (required)
taught by Connie Sultana for Working Woman Production


I am pleased and honored to work in collaboration with Connie Sultana, in my opinion, one of the best Lamaze and Childbirth Educators in the country. Connie’s engaging style, infinite knowledge on childbirth and deep commitment to birthing women and doulas in general you just couldn’t ask for a better way to start your doula journey.

Through a variety of teaching methods including, lecture, roleplay, dvds, song and small group work Connie relates essential information about the childbearing process to participants.

During the Childbirth Overview Workshop we will cover:

  • Physiology and anatomy of pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Stages of labor – physical and emotional
  • The dynamics of labor and birth
  • Hospital procedures, treatments, protocols including: monitoring
    devices, tools used for birth, surgical procedures
  • Medications used in labor and their purposes

Required reading for this course:

The Birth Partner, 5th edition
by Penny Simkin

Fulfilling the requirement for the Doula Training Workshop:

This Introduction to Childbirth class included as part of the Doula Training Workshop on Friday is extremely beneficial to you and is a requirement to continue with the rest of the doula training on Saturday and Sunday*. Without a thorough understanding of pregnancy, labor, birth and hospital procedures from a professional perspective you will find yourself missing out on key components during the doula training. This 7 hour course fulfills the DONA Certification requirement for childbirth education

After registration and upon your request we can provide you with carpooling information with other participants (if available).

*Introduction to Childbirth is a requirement to continue with the doula training weekend unless you are a Childbirth Educator, Midwife, Labor/Delivery Nurse or a practicing Doula having attended more than 25 births. Please contact Felicia Roche at to discuss if you qualify and to get approval to skip this portion of the training.

Breastfeeding Support 101: Foundations for Birth Professionals
taught by Teri Nava-Anderson

Although not required for the doula training workshop, a breastfeeding class is required for DONA certification.  We highly recommend the follow class taught by Teri Nava Anderson.  See her website, Harmony Doula Group, for more information.

Teri is an experienced birth doula, peer support counselor, and certified lactation educator.

This 4-hr workshop fulfills the DONA requirement for lactation education and will prepare you to offer breast/chestfeeding management and support for your clients. It is taught using a variety of teaching methods including lecture, videos, roleplay and Q&A.


After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Clarify your role in pregnancy and postpartum as a birth or postpartum doula
  • Understand why human milk matters
  • Help with prenatal planning for a more successful breast/chestfeeding relationship
  • Understand the impact of culture, friends, birth circumstances, and other roadblocks to breast/chestfeeding
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of lactation
  • Better support the nursing dyad in the first hours and weeks
  • Identify and manage common problems
  • Teach client to assess if baby is getting enough
  • Teach hand expression and pumping
  • Know when to refer to a specialist

Suggested reading after this course:

  • Breastfeeding Made Simple: 7 Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers, Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, (2010, or later)
  • Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding, Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman (2015, or later)
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Diane Wiessinger, Diana West and Teresa Pitman (2010, or later)
  • The Nursing Mother’s Companion, Kathleen Huggins (2015, or later)

Certificates of completion will be awarded. If you are seeking DONA certification, please bring the appropriate documents for Teri to sign.

Postpartum doula training by HeatherGail Lovejoy

Silicon Valley postpartum doula trainer HeatherGail Lovejoy will be in Alameda February 1, 2, 3, 2018 to teach a DONA approved postpartum doula training. This is the first step toward certification with DONA International.

Postpartum doulas help families in their home after the their baby (first or 5th!) is born, usually in four-hour shifts. It’s a tender, precious time. The heart of what we do is nurturing and educating the new family so they feel confident in parenting this new baby. We do this by teaching and being as source of information, helping them understand their baby’s developmental milestones, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders as well as infant feeding and care and of course support in mothers physical recovery. We love to listen to birth stories too! Postpartum time can be magical and it’s an honor to be a part of it!

Everyone should have that kind of supported start with a new little one!

We’d love to have you join us. To register and for more info: