Doula Services

When women look back on their birth experience as either a positive one or a negative one surprisingly it doesn’t have to do with whether she had a natural, vaginal or cesarean birth. What most women equate to a positive or negative experience is:

  1. How she was treated by her care givers during her labor.
  2. Whether she was allowed to be part of the decision making process.
  3. Whether she felt supported in her labor.

There are no promises anyone can make you about your labor. But I can promise you that we are always striving for all of the above.



My services include:

  • 2 prenatal home visits
  • Assistance with birth plans and birth options.
  • Phone contact during pregnancy and after the birth.
  • A home visit after the birth.
  • Photos of birth and newborn baby if you desire.
  • Lactation Support (within my scope of practice)
  • Access to my extensive birth experience and knowledge of labor and birth.
  • *COVID Special: Access to my online childbirth class through BABE (a $250 value) – you don’t have to look elsewhere or pay more for a top-notch childbirth class

NOTE: If there is a hospital limitation to doulas being present at birth, I am still able to join you at home for labor until transfer to the hospital. This also includes virtual doula presence in the birth room if you desire.

The Process

Feel free to call to schedule an interview. As I can only take a limited amount of clients each month I would recommend that you call as soon as you feel you’d like to meet to assure availability.

Once we’ve interviewed and feel we’d like to move forward in working together I will provide you with a contract. Payment is due at that time (payment arrangements can be made if necessary).

Approximately two months before your due date we will schedule our first prenatal visit. The second visit will follow about one month before your due date. Each visit is usually about an hour long.

The average amount of time I spend with a first time mother in labor is 18 hours. After the baby is born I will help you to get your newborn on the breast. You may still call anytime with breastfeeding or other questions.

Approximately one to two weeks after the birth (it’s up to you) I will come to your house for a postpartum follow-up visit. This meeting is to close out our cycle, process your birth (if you desire) check-in on breastfeeding (within my scope of practice).

The Cost


I am prepared to step out of my life on a moment’s notice and am committed to staying with you throughout the entire process of birthing your baby.

During labor I will meet you at home or at the hospital when you are ready.

I am on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).