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Working Women in Labor (21 minutes)

Working Women in LaborWoven together with beautiful music and captivating photography the video artfully illustrates the positive role that doulas play in birth.

  • Footage of women in labor with their doula
  • Interviews with couples who have employed doulas
  • Demonstrations of doula techniques
  • Sections by Penny Simkin and the film’s creator & doula, Felicia Roche
  • Statistics from DONA, Int’l

Working Women in Labor is the perfect tool for childbirth educators to inform couples about the benefits of a birth doula.

Doulas can use this DVD during interviews or prenatal visits to show couples how a doula works and the role of the doula.

DVD contains instructional footage of a seasoned doula in action – perfect guide for new doulas.

“If you are wondering what a doula does and why doulas are in such demand, watch Working Women and you’ll see how a doula makes a great difference even when birth is very demanding.” – Penny Simkin

In the Doula Spirit (17 minutes)

In the Doula SpiritWe asked birth leaders, activists, teachers and working doulas:

(featuring Marshall Klaus, Suzanne Arms, Ina Mae Gaskin, Penny Simkin & many more!)

“What advice would you give to a new doula?”

The responses are personal, funny, and illuminating, invoking both recognition and surprise.

You will be inspired and comforted all at once.
In the Doula Spirit is designed specifically for new doulas – perfect to show in birth doula trainings.

A must-own for doulas, childbirth educators and doula trainers.

Designed by a doula trainer specifically for doula trainings, new doulas and any birth professional needing a little inspiration.
Item: Working Women in Labor DVD

Working Women in Labor (21 minutes)
A firsthand look at the positive role a doula can play in a birth.

In the Doula Spirit (17 minutes)
Birth leaders, activists, teachers and working doulas answer the question “What advice would you give to a new doula?”.

2 films included at one price – DVD only
Price: $35 ($5 shipping per DVD)

Doula Client Contact Files

A complete set of self-contained file management system that guides the doula through the entire client prenatal process. The files will be sent to you as a downloadable pdf. Each single-use file includes: Intake Form, Agreement for Services, Prenatal Interview, Birthplan Guidelines, Expense Tracking and much more.

The files are designed to take a doula from the first call of a potential client, through charting at the labor. They are thorough, and designed specifically for the birth doula to be on the edge of their profession! What a relief for the new doula to have such an effortless starting point. There is no other product like this. They are designed specifically for you – the birth doula.

Client Files

The charting system contains the following:

  • Client Contact Sheet Prenatal Visit Notes
  • Agreement/Contract for Doula Services
  • Receipt for Payment of Doula Services
  • Prenatal Interview
  • Birthplan and key questions
  • Labor Notes Sheets

Please see below for a more detailed description of the files.

The files are sold as a re-printable PDF at $50.00.

You may pay for the Doula Client Contact Files here through Paypal and then the files will be emailed to you.